With hope and solidarity for our children. Black Lives Matter.

With hope and solidarity for our children. Black Lives Matter.

Anti-Black racism and bigotry, evidenced by the recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, among the many others whose lives have been taken and are taken every day, is traumatizing Black children, even before they are born. It hurts to see their families and communities dehumanized and targeted, in particular by the very people that are said to provide protection. It hurts not just their health, but their chances for a good, successful life.

Over the weekend, demonstrations of thousands in cities in California and across the nation reflected the pain of hundreds of years of systemic racism, state-sanctioned violence, trauma and inequities endured by Black communities and carried by Black children.

At The Children’s Partnership, the values behind our work are rooted in the unequivocal belief that #AChildIsAChild. In pivotal moments like this, we stand in solidarity with Black communities, Black-led organizations and allies on the ground doing critical work to rebuild our systems in order to create a world for our children free of injustice.

The Children’s Partnership stands with Black children, youth, families, and community members to demand a better way forward for our country. We join the fight to dismantle systems of oppression that have limited opportunity for Black and brown children for centuries. We are here to listen, to support, to fight for long overdue justice, and to demand action in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

We are honored to work alongside our partners in the community, across the state and the nation, to ensure we have systems and supports so Black and brown children are safe, healthy, and loved—a right that a child is owed. We ask you to join us in our collective work to create systemic change and ensure all children can thrive.

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With love, grief, and action,

The Children’s Partnership