How Medi-Cal Continuous Coverage Protects California Kids

How Medi-Cal Continuous Coverage Protects California Kids

Learning From the Pandemic: How Medi-Cal Continuous Coverage Protects California Kids,” calls attention to the positive impact that the continuous coverage provision has had in allowing millions of Californians to stay enrolled in Medi-Cal coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic and what is at stake for children and families when the protection ends in late March 2023.

The brief makes clear that the federal continuous coverage protection has:

  • significantly reduced coverage gaps for California children

  • protected access to care for children of color on Medi-Cal

  • served as a critical tool in improving Medi-Cal’s low preventive care rates

This brief also highlights recommendations to help the state minimize disruptions to children’s coverage, and urges DHCS to move forward with implementation of multiyear continuous Medi-Cal coverage for children ages 0-5.

One million CA kids are projected to lose their health coverage in the next year – mostly kids of color.

Here’s Why:
The federal continuous Medi-Cal coverage protection is ending March 31, 2023.
The Good News:
California has a new coverage policy that could protect children from losing coverage.
Why We Need to Take Action:
This policy is not slated to begin until 2025. This delay in implementation places thousands of children at risk of losing coverage unnecessarily.
How to Take Action:
Share this brief.