The Children’s Partnership Celebrates Supreme Court’s DACA Decision, Calls for Permanent Solution

The Children’s Partnership Celebrates Supreme Court’s DACA Decision, Calls for Permanent Solution

The Children’s Partnership commends the Supreme Court’s decision that has resulted in upholding protections for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. California is home to more immigrants than any state in the nation and over 200,000 Californians benefit from DACA – roughly a quarter of program participants nationwide.

Today’s Supreme Court decision to protect DACA is a long overdue victory and a testament to the power of immigrant youth that have demanded a better way forward for our country,” said Mayra E. Alvarez, President of The Children’s Partnership.

The wellbeing of DACA youth, DACA parents, and every member of our immigrant families is essential to the overall wellbeing of our children and our collective future. DACA recipients are immigrant youth leaders; parents who provide for the stability, health, and wellbeing of their children; teachers who educate our future generation; healthcare professionals who deliver our babies and tend to our sick; and so much more. With nearly 1 in 4 DACA recipients being parents, the security of the DACA program has enabled children to directly benefit from having parents with higher levels of education and better-quality jobs. Better-educated parents have more resources to support their children’s development, which benefits children’s health, academic achievement, and employment in the long run.

“As a nation, and in most cases, across both sides of the aisle, we believe that children are a top priority. The creation of the DACA program, and the decision issued today, affirm these beliefs. However, the fight is not over. The Court ruled that the process the Trump Administration used to end DACA was illegal, which means the program is still vulnerable to being terminated. President Trump must publicly announce that he will not make another attempt to repeal DACA and immediately direct the Department of Homeland Security to reopen DACA to eligible individuals who have been unable to apply because of his decision to terminate the program.

In addition, DACA has always been a temporary solution and millions of undocumented people – fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors – still need protection. We also call on Congress to act boldly and implement legislative reforms that provide a permanent solution to DACA recipients through a pathway to citizenship and we call on all of us to continue the push for comprehensive immigration reform for all who call this country home. Anything less would be a continued affront to the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that underlie our democracy and to which all our children are entitled.”

The Children’s Partnership joined CLASP, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and dozens of other national and state advocacy organizations, medical professionals, and child development experts in the filing of an amicus brief (appendix) in the consolidated DACA cases. The brief was co-authored by Persyn Law & Policy and Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP.

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