Public Charge Regulation Remains Blocked Nationwide: TCP Vows to Advance Facts Over Fears

Public Charge Regulation Remains Blocked Nationwide: TCP Vows to Advance Facts Over Fears

[Los Angeles, CA] Today, the Second Circuit court has allowed the injunction of the Trump Administration’s proposed changes to the public charge regulation to remain. The temporary injunction puts a freeze on the implementation of drastic and harmful changes to the “public charge” test which threatens the health, nutrition, housing, wellbeing, and opportunity for millions of immigrant families and their children.

“Today’s temporary victory encourages us, and our partners, as we continue to defend our communities and our values from reckless immigration policies that damage the health and wellbeing of California’s children, especially the 4.5 million in immigrant families. As advocates for children, we know policy extends far beyond its intended recipients, and this rule is no exception. The mere rumor of this change has had a chilling effect on communities across the state and has resulted in further confusion, deepened fears, and disenrollment from public benefits, meaning significantly limited access to vital social services for California’s children and their families. A basic tenet of who we are as Americans, of our shared values of family, inclusion, and fairness, is to take care of our children. The best way to build a strong country is to ensure that every family who lives here has the food, medical care, shelter and other basics they need to thrive. The Children’s Partnership will continue to inform families about the rule and fight fear with facts.”

This statement can be attributed to Mayra E. Alvarez, President of The Children’s Partnership.

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