Public Charge Regulation Moves Forward, As Does Our Fight

Public Charge Regulation Moves Forward, As Does Our Fight

[Los Angeles, CA]

This week’s Supreme Court ruling allows the public charge regulation to take effect, effectively sending a message recklessly at odds with America’s shared values. Although the Administration has not confirmed when it will take effect, this decision already threatens the health, nutrition, housing, wellbeing, and opportunity for millions of immigrant families and their children. 

With this ruling, the federal administration places wealth as the predominant value governing whether or not an immigrant is welcome here. The very programs that families rely on to thrive will be seen as threats to their eligibility for legal status. While the final public charge rule applies to only select public programs and a small segment of people are affected, the rumors, confusion, and fear is widespread. 

“Fear is the federal administration’s tactic. Ours is facts,” said The Children’s Partnership President, Mayra E. Alvarez. “While the Trump Administration tries to strip millions of children and families of their healthcare, food, and housing, we pledge to help families know their rights, so they can stand strong against the Administration’s fear mongering. The fight to protect all families’ right to thrive is far from over.”

With the latest injunction being lifted, the urgency is even higher to ensure families are informed and prepared. As we wait for DHS to announce how and when they will implement this policy, we will keep our resources and our communities up to date and continue our work with partners to protect families.  

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