Trump Administration Proposed Immigration Changes Would Harm Children’s Health and Punish Families

Trump Administration Proposed Immigration Changes Would Harm Children’s Health and Punish Families

[Los Angeles, CA] This past weekend, the federal government announced its plan to propose a rule that would significantly alter a century long regulation in federal immigration law and negatively impact the health and wellbeing of millions of children and their families.  Under current law, individuals who aim to adjust their immigration status must meet certain requirements, including limited dependence on the government for primary support. The proposed rule would significantly broaden these requirements to include individuals that utilize food stamps, public health insurance programs, or other assistance programs, and place at risk the wellbeing of millions of children and families that depend on these services.

In response to the administration’s proposed rule, Mayra Alvarez, President of The Children’s Partnership, issued the following statement:

“The proposed public charge rule is a direct attack on California families, where one in two children – 4.5 million – have at least one immigrant parent.  The changes would reduce the likelihood that parents feel safe using the services intended to keep their family healthy. As a result, such changes will create further confusion, deepen fear in the community, and significantly limit access to health and social services for California’s children and their families.

The Children’s Partnership is deeply disappointed in the cruel and inhumane efforts by the Trump Administration and joins our partners and families nationwide in denouncing this irresponsible and costly approach to immigration policy. This immoral and unjust rule goes against American values of family, inclusion, and fairness and would base immigration denials on the very services designed to keep American children and their families healthy. If the rule moves forward, it will hurt the wellbeing and safety of our children, causing an increase in child poverty, limiting health care, worsening hunger and homelessness, and hurting the ability of children to safely attend and thrive in school.  As children advocates, we know firsthand this policy extends far beyond its intended recipients, and we reject the efforts of the Trump Administration to drive policies of hate that separate families.

Through our work and research, we know that families are already afraid to go to the doctor, attend school, or visit a food pantry and the Trump Administration is making things worse. We urge our elected officials and the people of California to join us in rejecting this reckless proposal and demand we move forward policies that prioritize the health and wellbeing of all our children and their families.”

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