Join Us and Help Protect AND Prepare Our Communities

Join Us and Help Protect AND Prepare Our Communities

As multiple reports indicate that the Trump Administration is planning raids across the country, It is important to be prepared and ensure immigrant families know their rights. 

Everybody has rights under the U.S. constitution that may be exercise in a situation like a raid.

Below is a compilation of resources from trusted partners across the country that provide helpful information on preparing as well as responding to a raid in a  home, workplace, or in a public space.

How to Prepare Yourself for an Immigration Raid

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center has created a variety of materials to educate the community and prepare individuals for possible encounters with immigration authorities.   

For in depth information on community rights and how to prepare in case of emergencies, visit: 

Communities can also prepare themselves with these additional resources:

Informed Immigrant has put in a place a comprehensive toolkit to help prepare families in the event of a raid.

It is important for advocates and community members to help inform each other as we continue the fight for the rights of all children and families.