Governor Newsom's May Revise Strengthens Promise to Children and Families, Invests in California's Future

Governor Newsom’s May Revise Strengthens Promise to Children and Families, Invests in California’s Future

Today, Governor Newsom released his 2019-2020 revised state budget, which demonstrates the State’s ongoing dedication to prioritizing children and the health of California families by strengthening family supports and services and making smart investments for California’s future.

In his May Revise, Governor Newsom makes clear his continued commitment to a stronger California with an emphasis on a “Parents Agenda,” which supports women and mothers, invests in proven programs that strengthen children and families, and will create a healthier generation of Californians.

“A California for All is a California where we work together to put children first. We applaud the Governor for making children a priority through smart and concrete upfront investments in children’s health and families. Prioritizing families’ economic security will demonstrably move the needle on the long-term wellbeing of not only our children and families but that of the State,” said Mayra E. Alvarez, President of The Children’s Partnership, a statewide advocacy organization focused on children’s health and wellbeing.

The Governor’s May Revise doubles down on his January budget proposals to address early needs of children through investments in child care, home visiting, parental leave, and developmental screenings for children. The May Revise includes additional funding for the following child-focused initiatives:

  • Training for providers who will be administering trauma screenings for children, taking an important step toward responding to a request we put forward alongside advocacy partners to ensure we build a system of early identification, linkage to appropriate services, and high-quality interventions that reach every community in California
  • Additional resources for critical programs supporting low-income families and their children, including expanding the California Home Visiting and Black Infant Health Programs
  • Expansion of financial assistance to pay for the challenging high costs of health care

With these commitments, the Governor positions California to make leaps in improving the health of California’s children and families.

“Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive. The May Revise further proves a commitment to ensuring every California kid has the chance to grow up healthy, be ready to learn and succeed. These investments and initiatives are the latest embodiment of Governor Newsom’s pledge to provide our children and youth with hope for a bright future,” Alvarez continued. “California’s children—of which three in four are children of color and half are part of an immigrant family—will benefit from State efforts to level the playing field for families. We look forward to working with the Governor, his Administration, and the Legislature to foster strong families, supportive communities, and create better services and delivery systems for California’s children, parents, and families.”

In partnership with state leaders, The Children’s Partnership will continue its advocacy to:

  • Preserve and strengthen opportunities for children’s wellbeing through state and federal programs, especially Medi-Cal, which covers almost 60% of California’s children;
  • Optimize use of technology, such as the adoption of streamlined enrollment between WIC through Express Lane Eligibility;
  • Advance innovative workforce models, such as through expansion of homevisiting investments and greater integration of community health workers to address whole-child needs;
  • Support educators, early learning providers, and community members in creating welcoming and safe spaces where children live, learn and play; and
  • Advance linkages between health care and other community services, such as immigration legal services.

The May Revise is a statement of the Governor’s values and we look forward to working together to put our shared values into action.