Final Trump Rule Harms Millions of Children and Families, Ignores Core American Vales

Final Trump Rule Harms Millions of Children and Families, Ignores Core American Vales

Final Trump Rule Harms Millions of Children and Families, Ignores Core American Values

[Los Angeles, CA] Today, the federal government announced the finalization of a policy that directly harms the wellbeing of millions of children and families. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) final regulation changes long-standing immigration policy, making it harder for many legal immigrants to stay in the country or those seeking to enter the U.S. legally, and in doing so, puts access to critical health and social services for children at risk.

The final rule alters a century long regulation in federal immigration law that determines whether a person is likely to become a public charge when attempting to enter the country, extend or change a visa, or obtain a green card. A person who aims to adjust their immigration status will now be subject to an expansion of the categories to determine their dependence on the government for primary support – a test known as “public charge.” The rule would significantly broaden the categories and allow immigration officials to reject applications from individuals that utilize – or are deemed likely to utilize in the future – services like food stamps, public health insurance programs, or other assistance programs.

Though the rule goes into effect on October 15th, the finalized policy immediately places the wellbeing of millions of children in immigrant families at risk.

In response to the Trump Administration’s finalized rule, Mayra E. Alvarez, President of The Children’s Partnership, issued the following statement:

“The Trump Administration’s inhumane approach to immigrant communities completely disregards American values of family, inclusion, and fairness. This rule would base immigration denials on a family’s decision to use the very services designed to keep children and their families healthy and prosperous.

As advocates for children, we know firsthand this policy extends far beyond its intended recipients, and we denounce the efforts of the Trump Administration to drive policies of hate that separate families.

In California, one in two children – 4.5 million – have at least one immigrant parent. The introduction of this change has had a chilling effect on communities across the state and has resulted in further confusion, deepened fears, and significantly limited access to health and social services for California’s children and their families.

Our collective wellbeing is dependent on a healthy community. This shift in policy will hurt the health and safety of our children, causing an increase in child poverty, limiting access to health care, worsening health, hunger and homelessness, ultimately hurting the ability of children to safely attend and thrive in school. We join communities, policymakers, businesses and Americans from all walks of life in denouncing this irresponsible and costly approach to immigration policy and fighting for a country where all can thrive.”

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