CA State Budget: An Opportunity to Create a Just and Equitable Future for Children and Families

CA State Budget: An Opportunity to Create a Just and Equitable Future for Children and Families

For Immediate Release:
June 17, 2022

Marwa Abdelghani
Communications Manager

CA State Budget: An Opportunity to Create a Just and Equitable Future for Children and Families


The Children’s Partnership (TCP) applauds the legislature for passing SB 154, the 2022-23 California Budget Act. Under California law, Gov. Newsom must respond to SB 154 by June 30. SB 154 will then be further refined through a budget bill junior, which will amend the CA Budget Act, reflecting a negotiated agreement between the governor and legislature within the next few weeks. While the 2022-23 budget deliberations continue, TCP will continue to advocate that the administration and the legislature advance policies promoting child health equity so that all children, regardless of their background, have the resources they need to thrive. 

TCP believes in a child health equity agenda that promotes healthy children; strong, economically stable, and well-connected families; and safe and welcoming communities. SB 154 furthers our policy goals by prioritizing individuals and families who have been struggling the most and making robust investments that provide economic assistance, reduce poverty, increase mental health access, provide food assistance and much more.

We are asking that the administration embrace and maintain these critical investments in the final negotiated budget agreement to support the many California families from historically marginalized communities who continue to struggle, including: 

  • Continuous Medi-Cal coverage for children ages 0-5;
  • Recruitment and training for community health workers and promotores to provide preventive services in Medi-Cal;
  • Financial supports for children who have lost family members due to COVID-19;
  • Expansion of Medi-Cal to all income-eligible people regardless of their immigration status;
  • Increases in funding to support children’s mental health;
  • Funding to support and expand Accountable Communities for Health;
  • Ongoing additional resources to expand the Black Infant Health program;
  • Continuation of the Medi-Cal Health Enrollment Navigators Project;
  • Continuation of the Child Health and Disability Program;
  • Expansion of the California Food Assistance Program to Californians regardless of immigration status; and
  • Adoption of the Young Child Tax Credit to zero income filers and creation of the Foster Youth Tax Credit.

“Together with our state leaders, we are ensuring investments and policies that bring healing and stability to families that are struggling the most,” said TCP President, Mayra E. Alvarez. “We urge the governor and legislature to ensure that the final state budget ​​provides meaningful and long-term assistance to individuals and families struggling to pay for basic needs by maintaining these critical investments for children and their families.”

California’s state budget is the pathway to building a just and equitable future for children and families. TCP looks forward to this year’s final budget demonstrating the governor’s and legislature’s commitment to improving the health and well-being of children and families by maintaining critical investments adopted in SB 154.




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