CA Budget May Revise Child Health Priorities 2023

CA Budget May Revise Child Health Priorities 2023

Governor Newsom will announce California’s updated 2023-2024 budget proposal in early May. In light of this, we ask the Governor to center California’s seven million children of color in the May Revise. This can be done with a Whole Child Health Equity Agenda.

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The 2023-2024 California State Budget should ensure all safety net programs are kept intact. These include Cal-Fresh, CFAP, WIC, and tax credits. In addition, the budget should include the following priorities that will

  • support maternal and infant health,
  • strengthen mental health and well-being; and
  • increase protect and strengthen California’s safety net.

2023 May Revise Priorities for Children’s Health

Support Maternal & Early Childhood Health

  1. Provide $2.4 million annually for extending Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program services for up to 12 months post-pregnancy.
  2. Support infant and early childhood mental health with a $100 million investment.
  3. Expedite preparation for implementation of continuous Medi-Cal Coverage for children 0-5, including by submitting a federal waiver request.
  4. Withdraw the proposed delay of community health worker workforce certification and training.
  5. Renew the Managed Care Organization (MCO) Tax.

Increase Access to Safety Net Programs

  1. Withdraw the proposed funding delay and expand the California Food Assistance Program to include children, youth and all ages regardless of immigration status.
  2. Expand unemployment benefits to include all people, no matter their immigration status.

Read the full letter from The Children’s Partnership to the Governor Click here.