Power Through Partnerships | ALL IN For Health Case Study



 Partnership is more than a part of our name—it is a key part of our strategy to advance children’s health and opportunities for children and families. Since before the major reforms of the Affordable Care Act took effect, TCP has built critical partnerships through the California education community, allowing us to reach hundreds of thousands of students through a nationally recognized enrollment campaign. As trusted resources for families, schools are an important and unique connection to health coverage information for uninsured children and families.

In 2013, as California was moving forward with the launch of Covered California (the state’s Marketplace), TCP saw a missing piece in spreading the word about new affordable health coverage opportunities to families and connecting them to enrollment assistance. There was no statewide infrastructure to support schools and the education community to connect children and families to coverage. To fill this gap, we launched the ALL IN For Health Campaign—a health coverage enrollment campaign that provides schools and the early learning community with the tools they need to inform families about health coverage options and connect them to enrollment assistance.

The key to the success of the ALL IN For Health Campaign has been the powerful partnerships we’ve built with the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Covered California, California School Boards Association, and many others. These state leaders serve as trusted messengers to local schools and early learning sites, helping them to understand the role they play in keeping their students healthy. Also critical to the success of ALL IN For Health has been our trusted relationships with local schools, providing one-on-one and on-site assistance. Thanks to these invaluable partnerships, we are able to reach students and families through all of California’s 10,500 public schools and over 44,000 after-school and early learning centers. These partnerships have helped us expand our reach and gain credibility in schools across California. As a result, we’ve reached California families with over 9.3 million messages relating to health coverage and ways to enroll. This means more California kids and families are enrolled and can get needed health care!