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For more than 25 years, The Children’s Partnership has come to represent both innovation and collaboration in the children’s advocacy field.

The Children’s Partnership was founded in 1993 as a different kind of children’s organization. Founders Wendy Lazarus and Laurie Lipper witnessed major policy shifts that ignored the needs of children and saw an imminent need for a group to set a children’s agenda on emerging issues. In 1994, The Children’s Partnership provided the first comprehensive look at how computers and the Internet were changing the way children learn, grow, socialize, and find opportunity. Ahead of its time, this seminal piece began the national dialogue on the impact of major technological changes on children.

Today, such foresight and inventive lens remain drivers in determining TCP priorities for where to make the most impact for underserved children. With input from a team of experienced policy and advocacy professionals and a commitment to unwavering partnership, TCP strives to be both a resource and an ally for underserved communities across California. We promote policies that are driven by research and responsive to community needs.

As of November 2015, The Children’s Partnership continues its mission under the leadership of President Mayra E. Alvarez. With new leadership and an experienced and energetic team in place, our organization is ready to take on the challenges of a new generation and continue our work to provide every child a bright future.

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Who We Are

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IMPACT.... It's a thing, and it happens when The Children's Partnership is involved.
Funded by The California Wellness Foundation, the effort enabled computer access for tens of thousands of California residents and helped train more than 25,000 young people with marketable digital skills.
Number of undocumented children provided health coverage with the expansion of Medi-Cal for California's youth, making California the largest state in the country to establish a system of coverage for all kids.
TCP launched a statewide campaign to inform and enroll families through California’s 10,500 schools and 44,000 early learning and after-school programs
In 2015, over 3,000 children received oral health services through the Virtual Dental Home in schools and Head Start sites around the state including 1,000 children in approximately 15 sites in Los Angeles County.
In addition to the executive orders that strengthen federal immigration enforcement activities, there are pending policy changes that would strip immigrants of critical protections and access to social services. Half of California’s children – 4.5 million – are part of an immigrant family.


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